Saturday, 30 July 2011



Here are some pictures from this evening it was so lovely and warm so we went for a swim (totally freezing I thought) but very refreshing. We had a dinner picnic of fresh salad with cheese and hams, home made strawberry juice and a bottle of rose'. What a perfect evening, now I am going to cozy up on the sofa with the boyfriend and watch a film. 

Birthday pudding- pancakes, Greek Yoghurt and fresh fruits

Friday, 29 July 2011

Today has been a very relaxing day, nice and sunny here in Stockholm so I went for a little look around the local shops. They have these amazing stores all around Stockholm (Stockholms Stadsmission) that sells quality second hand clothes, books, home wear and accessories. I was looking for something to wear to my trip to Ibiza, something relaxing, easy and both wearable for Ibiza and England. So I found this stylish gold cotton jumper that will mostly go with anything in my day wear wardrobe and a flowing, tribe patterned knee length skirt. Both coming at the total of £8, bargain! and this outfit is perfect for my arrival to the bohemian, stylish Island of Ibiza. So don't be scared to have a look around second hand shops, it can be fun and very rewarding for your pocket and if the money goes to a charity.          

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I am a massive fan of the LBJ (The little black jacket) I like them fitted and with some sort of detail. The first picture is my all time favourite and can really liven up a simple white shirt and skinny jeans combo. I found it at Primark for as little as £12, totally worth it as I have deferentially worn it enough times but now I was looking for a simple black blazer jacket that I knew would go with anything. I went to the H&M in Stockholm to find this delight usual price of £69.99, I got it for half price! Bargain. I especially loved the tailed fit of the jacket and the leather details, I think everyone should own a LBJ it is timeless and classic.

1-2) Dinner  5) Fresh green tea and jasmine 6) Street view

Monday, 25 July 2011


Check out ACNE PRE fall collection, here is a outfit modelled by Elin Kling. I love the leather shorts! 
The wonderful news is that I will be going to Ibiza again this September. I spent all my summer last year living in Ibiza and it was the most fun I have ever had and it is also where I met my love. So this year I am going to relax at my favourite beach, eating local fresh fish and drinking cocktails at Cafe Mambo. Total bliss. 

1) Me in Ibiza last summer
Mulberrys new collection of handbags are truly beautiful arm candy. I fell deeply in love with this Alexa Wader green sparkle tweed when I saw it in store the other day but priced at around £600 I best get saving or hope it will be discounted in the January sales. Whatever I feel like after many years trying to pick a Mulberry bag that I know I will use for a long time, I think I have found my winner. Who says I have to have a classic Bayswater in black or brown to love it forever? 


I am still living in Stockholm and having a great time, I went out with my Swedish family for a lovely dinner at the Hasselbacken restaurant which was in which a beautiful location and was even nicer that we all took the boat over to the restaurant. I would love to return to this restaurant one day and have the delicious deserts, amazing! I will post my outfit from this night later.

1-2) The Hasselbacken restaurant 3-4) Our fish starers 5-6) Me  9-10) Our deserts. 

1-2)Emma and Thomas balcony 3) A yummy mojito at F12 4) Emma and Me 5)  Emma, Thomas and Gustav

Friday, 17 June 2011

The beautiful Olivia Palermo strutting her stuff around New York. Oh how I miss New York and oh how I would love to own Olivia's wardrobe. 

I wanted to go for a look that was easily put together with out any thought but with a hint of fashion .Top Jasper Conrad, Trousers H&M and Kurt Geiger 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Layer a pretty pastel Essie’s French Affair with a sparkly top coat Sephora for OPI’s Only Gold For Me. For a beautiful midnight summer sparkle.  

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

As I have grown up I have started to develop my own personal style and figuring out what suits me in cuts and colors. My favorite statement pieces are fitted jackets and so I would love to own a feminine tailed two piece suit like this wonderful pale pink suit from Stella McCartney. Just a LITTLE over budget but I am sure Zara will have something similar. I love developing my style and I buy fashion for myself and not for anyone else, true style is from within so stay true to yourself.            

Saturday, 11 June 2011

How beautiful is this bathing suit by Missoni. It is obviously designed to just relax by the poolside drinking cocktails. The suit is made from crochet-knit, beautifully designed it is the perfect bathing suit for myself. If I only had 410 to spare on a bathing suit or maybe if I am lucky get it as a birthday present. As I have said in early posts I will own one one day and I can not wait to show off the trademark zig zag.   

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Shoes, shoes and shoes. If every girl got given 1 Million to spend on just shoes they could even if they said spending money on shoes is a waste. As a shoe lover, these are my favourites right now. The Givenchy fall they are classic and I really love the gold detail at the tip of the shoes. If I had a Million these would be my first purchase.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I have just finished my first year studying my BA course in Fashion Media and Promotion, in my first year I learned photography which I surprisingly enjoyed and I am very proud of the three shoots I organizing and photoed. So as my interest in photography grows so does my interest in photographers and so I found Silja Magg who I think is a wonderful photographer and I love nearly all her pictures. Here are just a few I love.  
 (Millie Betito's Couture collection) 
I have just finished a crazy weekend working at Brighton Fashion Week back stage. I worked closely with the designer Millie Betito who showed her collection at the Couture show who was a lovely girl that was very involved with getting her collection ready to show. I really enjoyed working at BFW and can not wait to see what it brings next year.

Photographer- Me 
Stylish - Me 
Model - Florence Berry